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VIP Perks
You have access to some great perks! Here's how to take advantage of them!
VIP Discount Practitioners
Use a VIP preferred practitioner to save up to 20% on practitioners near your campus or home.
Blue Cross Discount Practitioners
Blue Advantage offers national discounted providers, chains, services and more.
Find a Health Professional
Search Canada wide for approved health & dental practitioners.
Direct2U Prescriptions
Enhanced coverage! Plus FREE delivery right on campus or to your home.
Grad Perks
About to graduate, or already have? We've got you covered!
I.M. Well/SAP
FREE Mental Wellness App and 24/7 access too counselling. There's always someone to talk to.
My Good Health
Health & Wellness info, Assessment Tools, and Personalised Recommendations.
Vision Perks
Bonus coverage on glasses, contacts, etc. Delivery anywhere in Canada!