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International students are required to be enrolled in UHIP unless you have comparable coverage. UHIP provides coverage for emergency medical services while in Canada such as visits to the doctor, hospitalization, lab tests, x-rays and more. For more information regarding UHIP, please CLICK HERE.

The Student VIP plan is a supplementary plan that works in combination with UHIP to ensure students have coverage where UHIP does not.  Items like prescription drugs, vision, dental, visits to practitioners (i.e. registered massage therapy, chiropractor, etc.), travel and accident coverage is available through Student VIP, but not through UHIP.


In order to be eligible for your student Health & Dental Plan, you must have UHIP or comparable coverage in place.


Please note; Student VIP cannot comment or answer questions regarding UHIP.  You cannot opt-out of the Student VIP Health & Dental Plan with UHIP.


For questions and or concerns about your UHIP coverage, please contact your school UHIP Administrator directly. Contact Information can be found online HERE