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International Opt-Out Requirements
ASU International Opt-Out

Please review the applicable section below to see what information is required to submit an opt-out request. 


  • Exchange Student
  • Private Plan
  • Sponsored Student
  • MSI
ASU International Medical Opt-Out - Exchange Student
Exchange students who have private health insurance must opt-out like all other students.

Your existing coverage must include the following:
• 1 million dollars in coverage (CAD)
• Be active for the entire duration of your study period
• Include at minimum, coverage for hospitalization, outpatient care, surgery, lab tests, diagnostic tests, and repatriation
• Policy in English
• Your policy must not contain any exclusions for medical services including hospitalization relating to being under the influence (i.e. alcohol) or for self-harm, self-inflicted injury, attempted suicide or suicide whether sane or insane.

If you return to Canada during the policy year it is your responsibility to notify Student VIP or the ASU office to opt-in.
ASU International Medical Opt-Out - Private Plan
Students with private insurance coverage who want to submit an opt-out application must do so by logging in and completing the opt-out application. Your application must meet the criteria below.
Policy document must state:
• Your name
• Policy number
• Dates of coverage (must be valid for full duration of study/time in Canada)
• Policy document in English must be provided
• Health cards are not accepted.
The policy must provide and state the following:
• Minimum of 1 million dollars in coverage in Canadian funds– please consider exchange rates
• Coverage for doctor visits, inpatient and outpatient expenses, surgery, lab tests, diagnostic imaging (x-rays), repatriation and medical evacuation.
Your coverage cannot have the following exclusions:
• Injury or death while under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants, or
• Injury or death due to self-harm, or attempted self-inflicted injury, attempted suicide, or suicide

ASU International Medical Opt-Out - Sponsored Student
If you are student on sponsorship through the Saudi Cultural Bureau, Libyan Government, CBIE, or Kuwait or any other sponsored program you are still required to submit an opt-out application by the deadline.

You must complete the opt-out application and attached a picture of your health insurance card from your sponsored program.
If you do not have a card or require assistance opting-out, contact the ASU Supports Office BEFORE the deadline.

ASU International Medical Opt-Out – MSI
You must complete the opt-out application and provide proof of your active MSI card.

If your MSI card expires throughout the year, please obtain a new card ASAP. You will be opted-out again once we receive a copy of your new card. You must opt-out within 30 days of receiving your MSI card.
There are no MSI opt-outs after May. If you become eligible for MSI after May, you will remain on the International Medical Plan with access to their medical benefits (including drug coverage) until the Fall opt-out period. From June onward, the opt-out refund is less than the Health charge.

International students opting out of the International Medical Plan with an MSI card will be switched to the Domestic Health Plan, at a lower rate, which supplements the basic medical care provided by the MSI card and includes things such as prescription drugs, ambulance trips and vision care. Students will also benefit from a Companion Plan which provides emergency health insurance within the rest of Canada.

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