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Policy Year: September 1, 2023 - August 31, 2024

The details below are a summary of benefits, limitations and exclusions do apply. Full benefit details can be found in the Benefit Booklet on the Medavie Blue Cross™ Portal. In the event of a discrepancy between the website and the benefit booklet, the benefit booklet will be taken as true. Overall EHC Maximum of $3,000 per year, per insured.

Drug, Extended Health, Vision and Dental coverage is valid in Canada only.  Please review your policy for full details.

  • Drug Coverage
  • Extended Health Coverage
  • Vision Coverage
  • Dental Coverage

Drug Coverage – 50% - 90% Coverage

Overall Drug Maximum of $2,500 per participant per benefit year. The termination age for Drug Coverage for the Brock GSA Health & Dental benefits is 80. 



90% Coverage

70% Coverage

Generic Drugs

Brand Drugs

Dispensing Fee: 100% of any amount up to $7

All Other Pharmacies

80% Coverage  

50% Coverage

Generic Drugs

Brand Drugs

Dispensing Fee: 100% of any amount up to $5


Mandatory Generic Product Select

  • Brand name drugs will be covered up to the amounts listed above up to the cost of the lowest-priced generic equivalent.

  • Only those drugs which legally require a prescription and are eligible under the benefits will be covered.

Drug Benefit also Includes:

  • Contraceptives (incl oral, IUD’s, IUS’s) {One/5 benefit years}  

  • Diabetic Supplies (test strips & needles, glucometers may be covered under Extended Health)

  • CNS Stimulants* (80% Coverage, $500/benefit year)

  • Hepatitis C Medications ($1,500/lifetime)

  • Biologic Agents ($1,000/benefit year)

  • Anti-Obesity Drugs, Erectile Dysfunction Drugs, Fertility Treatment, Smoking Cessation Medications with physician's prescription ($500 combined/lifetime on a cost reimbursement basis)

Drug Benefits do NOT Include:

  • Gardasil Vaccine

Want to know if your drug is eligible for coverage? Check out the Eligible Drug Search tool to find out!

*CNS Stimulants are medications used to increase physical activity, mental alertness and attention span.  They are often used in the treatment of 'Attention Deficit Disorder' and/or 'Hyperactivity Disorders' (i.e. Adderrall, Concerta, Vyvanse, Ritalin, and their generic versions.) 

Practitioner Coverage – 100% Coverage

The termination age for Extended Health Coverage for the Brock GSA Health & Dental benefits is 80. 

Max $40/visit up to $520 combined per benefit year:

  • Chiropractor
  • Naturopath
  • Speech Therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Registered Massage Therapist*

*Prescription required for first [RMT] claim each new policy year, if prescription is less than 12 months from date of issue, it can be used in subsequent policy years.

Max $1000 combined per benefit year, no per visit max:

  • Psychologist**
  • Psychotherapist**
  • Social Worker (MSW)**
**Clinical Counsellors and other mental health practitioners who do not meet the above criteria will not be considered eligible for coverage under the benefits.
Psychotherapists must be in good standing with the college in their province, as well as registered as a provider with Medavie Blue Cross and be issued a provider number.

Did you know you have access to internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (iCBT) free of charge during COVID-19, funded by the Government of Ontario? Find out more by clicking HERE!

Other Medical Coverage- 100% Coverage

Coverage is to maximum indicated, unless otherwise stated:

  • Orthotic Appliances or Orthopedic Shoes (1 pair every 3 years)***
  • Medical Equipment & Supplies (Reasonable & Customary)*** ****
  • Ambulance to Nearest Treating Hospital ($1,000/benefit year - Reasonable & Customary)

***Prescribed by a medical doctor, an orthopedic surgeon or podiatrist 
****For a full listing of eligible expenses, please see the benefit booklet

Vision Coverage – 100% Coverage

The termination age for Vision Coverage for the Brock GSA Health & Dental benefits is 80. 

  • Eye Examinations - 1 standard exam every 24 months (reasonable & customary)
  • Frames, Lenses & Contact Lenses - $250 every 24 months
This coverage excludes expenses incurred for non-corrective sunglasses and safety glasses.  Please make sure to include your prescription (no more than 2 years old) along with your receipt when submitting claims for reimbursement. 

Frames, Lenses and Contact Lenses must be purchased from a Canadian provider to be considered eligible under the benefits.

Frames are only eligible if purchased in conjunction with prescription lenses.

Lasik or Laser Eye Surgery are
covered under the benefits.


Vision Pros

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Dental Coverage – 25% - 70% Coverage

The termination age for Dental coverage for the Brock GSA Health & Dental benefits is 80. 

Pre-Determination: It is strongly recommended to obtain a pre-determination for extensive dental procedures to prevent unexpected costs. Have your dentist send a pre-determination along with your name and Student ID to Medavie Blue Cross™ at fax: 506-867-4651.

Students can check to see if the dental code on their pre-determination is eligible under the benefits. Login to the Blue Cross Member Portal to find out! Note that this does not say how much is eligible, just if the code itself is eligible under your benefits.

Annual combined maximum of $800.00/year/insured       Reimbursement based on Current Dental Fee Guide. Note that specialist fees will be paid at General Practitioner rates.


Examinations (70%)

Complete oral examination (once every 5 years) / Limited & Recall examination (once every 12 months)


Radiographs (70%)

Complete series Periapical or Panoramic (once every 5 years)  / Bitewing (once every 12 months)


Preventative Services (70%)

Dental polishing (1, 15-minute unit every 12 months) / Scaling (2, 15-minute units every 12 months)


Minor Restorative (50%)



Extractions (25%)

Includes wisdom tooth extractions


Anesthesia (50%)

When in conjunction with surgical services


Other Dental Coverage (50%)

Endodontic / Periodontics / Denture Services


Limitations and Exclusions may apply.

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