What Does the I.M. Well App Provide?

I.M. Well provides 24/7 FREE access to master's level counsellors and other supports right on your smart phone. The services are free, confidential, anonymous, and private. I.M. Well provides more than just counselling. Access 24/7 support and advice for: addiction, legal, anxiety, relationship, financial, nutrition, life coaching, stress, depression and much more.

What is the I.M. Well Program?

Your Trent Alumni
Assistance Program:

• Built seamlessly into your I.M. Well App
• Crisis support
• Access to counselling & social workers
• Health interpretation services
• Personal life coaching
• Legal Aid
• Financial Advice
• Nutritional Advice
• Initial consultations in 240 languages
• Available 24/7, 365 days a year
I.M Well

Available via in-person sessions, live chat, telephone & e-counselling.
All calls answered by master's level counselors

Toll-Free 1-877-55-IMWELL (46935)

Our app is absolutely FREE, and it's available on any mobile device!

What are you waiting for, download now.

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Program Features

I.M. Well isn’t just an app, it’s a program dedicated to integrating the many resources available to your alumni, and promoting responsible use of those resources while cultivating a generation of alumni who are resilient and capable in tackling their mental health needs

Trent Alumni Assistance Program

24/7 Access to counselling and alumni support

International Trent Alumni Assistance Program

24/7 Alumni support & access to counsellors in 240 languages


A suite of online, evidence-based mental health and wellness tools

I.M. Well Mobile App

No matter where you are, or what time, there is always someone to talk to